YOOFOSS Ultra Waterproof Sheet and Incontinence Bed Pad, Mattress Protector for Baby Children Adults (2 Packs)

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YOOFOSS Ultra Waterproof Sheet and Incontinence Bed Pad, Mattress Protector for Baby Children Adults (2 Packs)

Yoofoss waterproof mattress pad sheet protector will help prevent damage to your mattress caused by unwanted leaks or soiling. It is used for babies ,children , adult also pets.

Features :
* 100% natural colored cotton and bamboo fabric
*100% breathable waterproof TPU
*highly absorbent polyester fiberfill layer
*double-side usage
*natural without printing and dyeing ,free of lead, cadmium, mercury and all phthalates

Product Features


CSM says:

BED WETTING This bed pad is exactly what I have been needing for my two year’s upcoming potty training. She has moved to her own twin bed in her bedroom, now onto the exciting journey of bed wetting!I was surprised at the quality of the pad. The sizing is as described. Perfect size for children. One side is a soft material. Other side is Terry cloth. The thickness is squishy and soft. It is not overly thick though to cause discomfort. I have been using the pad on top of the bed sheet for easy…

Shan says:

A Mattress pad could not be better than that..Deserves more than 5*!! This Waterproof Mattress Pad is useful for babies, kids, toddlers and adults as well. One for All!Quality: This is a high quality Waterproof Bed/ Carpet pad. Top layer is soft cotton and bottom layer is TPU water resistance. I have 1 mattress pad in which bottom layer makes noise when my baby moves here and there, but this one is just perfect, no noise at all. It has soft cushion fiber in middle which makes it soft and cushiony. This is very comfortable for sleep or for play for…

AwesomeEnialal says:

Our bed doesn’t get wet! Pretty amazing! I have a new niece and needed a gift so I decided to get her something useful and practical for her mom to use while in and out of the house. It’s waterproof mattress pad sheet that will protect the bed from getting wet especially urine. It has 100% natural colored cotton and bamboo soft fabric with highly absorbent polyester fiberfill layer. It’s 40-1/4″ long x 27-3/4″ wide based from my measurement and can be used anywhere you are, either it could be on the mattress, sofa or while…

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