The Potty Movie for Boys: Henry Edition

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The Potty Movie for Boys: Henry Edition

The Potty Book ―consisting of a “Henry” version for little boys, and a “Hannah” version for little girls―has been a very popular seller, as well as a godsend to moms and dads, ever since Barron’s first published it many years ago. The humorous potty-training stories of Hannah and Henry are also available as pair of DVDs that kids can watch on their TV.

Parents of little boys will want this, the “Henry” version. Henry needs to have his diaper changed before he can go out and play. But Mom and Dad have just brought home a big package, and he’s anxious to see what’s inside. Is it a rocking chair? Or maybe a bed for Teddy bear? No, it’s a potty! It’s time for Henry to graduate from his diapers and learn how to use the potty. A bonus feature on the DVDs is the song “Bye-Bye, Diapers.” Toddlers will want to sing along with it as they watch the movie.

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Sandra says:

LOVE this movie I’ve shown this video (library copy) to my son periodically since he was 18 months old to introduce the concept of potty training. Songs are catchy, and the colors and movement of characters keep his attention (no small feat). He is now 22 months old and still working on potty training. He seems to have the DVD memorized and was VERY excited when it arrived in the mail today. We actually bought the same potty for him that is featured in the video so that he could identify with what he sees…

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