Tamagotchi Dream Town Digital Friends – Floral Gem

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Tamagotchi Dream Town Digital Friends – Floral Gem

A fun virtual friend that develops based on how you take care of it. This electronic device allows you to take care of your new best friend by feeding it, potty training it, playing with it, shopping with it and more. You can also share presents, texts and go on playdates by ‘bumping’ with other Tamagotchi Digital Friends. New Dream Town theme brought into device with various Dream Town venues throughout the device: eat at the Music Café, shop at the TamaMori Shop, go to Dream School, visit YUMEX-TV and go to the Tama Star Circus 11 games including 7 Dream Class-themed games 6 new styles in the latest trends Requires 2-AAA batteries, not included

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Akemi says:

Very Basic I first want to mention that upon removing this tama from the package, there were minor scratches on the screen and the body. That is a bit of a disappointment as it seems Bandai’s quality control for Over the Pond tamagotchis is MIA. Anyways, this tamagotchi is nearly as big as the Tamago. The back is flat and fits decently in the hand. Putting the batteries in is quite different from Japanese tamagotchis, but it is not difficult at all. The color of the unit itself is a nice vivid blue. The…

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