Splashy the Splashdown Potty Trainer

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Splashy the Splashdown Potty Trainer

Struggling with convincing your toddler to “stand & go”? We were too! Splashy is a fun and encouraging potty training system that your son will love! Your Splashdown Trainer is easy to install, stays in place and is hands-free. Full use of the toilet is available while in place. Splashy fits neatly tucked away in the bowl. The innovative and patent-pending design encourages your toddler to use the toilet to stand while urinating. Simply raise the seat to see Splashy’s splashguard rise and encourage your toddler with fun sounds and cheers! Splashy also reminds your toddler to put the seat back down for everyone else! Also included is a fun potty training book to read together and a cool Splashy reward stamp to celebrate his success! Let’s teach your toddler together! 1% of sales are donated to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

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Posh126 says:

I felt like I was cleaning the toilet a hundred times a … I came across this product while looking dr something (anything) to keep the pee from my two little boys (ages 5 & 3) who were already peeing standing up and my one big boy (husband) from going in between the back where the lid hinges are and dripping down the toilet to the base. I felt like I was cleaning the toilet a hundred times a day!! I requested the Splashdown trainer without the sticker and received it in no time at all with excellent customer service! A week later and the shield has…

TexasKel says:

Cute and works

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