Simple Solution Puppy Aid Training Spray, 8 Ounces

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Simple Solution Puppy Aid Training Spray, 8 Ounces

Potty training aid for puppies is a scientifically formulated attractant. Using this product will help train a puppy to urinate in the appropriate area. It is made for both outdoor and indoor use. For inside dogs, simply spray the product on newspaper or a puppy training pad to attract the animal to the spot.

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B. Sanchez says:

MIRACLE worker – lifesaver product !! Thank you !! After a little over a week of trying to puppy litter train my puppy she just wasn’t getting it. My puppy is an American Eskimo – they are very intelligent but also can be VERY stubborn. The first couple of days we tried just putting her in the potty but she didn’t want to use it. I had read to try putting a box around the litter so they aren’t able to run off and play when it’s potty time. So we tried that the second half of the week – Well my puppy ended up just playing IN the potty and even laying down to nap and our theory is that she ended up seeing it just like a second crate and so she did not want to potty in it (she loves her crate and was crate trained from the.first.night.)So THEN we bought a puppy pad (didn’t work – she tore it up) and this spray. We also removed the litterbox from the surrounding box and tried just putting it out on the floor again.. She went in the litter box, sniffed, circled twice, and started going in her potty..! For the first time..! (She had gone a couple of times “finishing” after we caught her but that was very rare usually she would just hold it and run off and go somewhere else 2 minutes later). Since then she has only had 1 urine accident – I think she was just overly excited – and about 60% of the time she is going number 2 in her potty as well (this spray only teaches them to go #1). In a short while she should be 100% trained on number 2 as well.My dog went from 0-80 like *that* and I truly was amazed with this product. From reading the reviews [..] I have noticed those that had trouble with the product were those using the pads. The pads already have a scent so it probably confuses them even more. Also I spray alot and I spray more a few times a day just to make sure.. I reccomend trying with the litter if the pads or pads + spray are not working. They still like to chew on the litter but the pads they love to DESTROY and rip to shreds instead of going potty on them – lol.Also another tip if your dog doesn’t take to it the first time don’t give up – maybe they don’t even have to go at the moment or they could just be a slow learner.

S. Perkins "stephanie p" says:

Did not work for my dog. May work for some dogs but not mine.I own a Chihuahua, btw.I sprayed her pad area. She sniffed but it didn’t really help her to go in a specific spot.I ended up training her without it.I do think you’d be better off buying a house-breaking or puppy manual book.I just:- Was attentive and patient. If you can’t watch the dog then you won’t be able to correct it. How then will the dog be trained?- Put her in her spot and give her treats/praise profusely when she goes in the right area. My ‘Mimi Rose’ learns very quickly when treats are involved. She learned how to ‘sit’ in a single 20-minute session! No joke.Positive reinforcement always works.- Verbally corrected when I saw her do her business in the wrong spot. Don’t scream at or hit the dog. Just say, ‘No’ in a firm voice and/or clap your hands.- Cleaned the soiling spots with vinegar to remove scent.- Placed her on a feeding/water schedule until she was housebroken. She eats 3 times a day. Her dinner is at 8pm. Her bedtime is at 11 pm.- Implemented crate-training and fenced her off in ‘play areas’. An untrained dog has NO business having free run of the house.She got it before long.My pup still runs towards me when she does her business in the correct spot expecting a treat.

Deena Williams says:

bogus i have a yorkie. notoriously known for being difficult to house break. this product did nothing for my puppy. wherever i sprayed it just made him want to lay in the spot but pee everywhere else.

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