Red Lace, Yellow Lace

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Red Lace, Yellow Lace

This best-selling title offers an ingenious approach to teaching little ones to tie their shoes. Inside, irresistible rhyming text guides children through the process step-by-step.

“Red lace, yellow lace,

Here’s how you begin:

Make an X but leave a space,

To poke the red lace in.”

Sunny full-color illustrations demonstrate the steps and, the most fun…children can follow along on a model shoe with real laces! A gentle and engaging lesson that also challenges toddlers’ hand-eye coordination.


Anonymous says:

So far this book has helped me teach 2/4 of my kiddos how to tie their shoes.We honestly didn’t use the reading pages as much as we expected. They do tie shoes slightly different than my husband and I do so we just took advantage of the very long shoe laces & different color laces to help them learn how to tie and as they got better we switched to their own shoes.And alternative option to this book could be buying adult shoe laces and putting them on a pair of kid shoes to…

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