Puppy Training: 8-week puppy challenge using positive reinforcement

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Puppy Training: 8-week puppy challenge using positive reinforcement

(Puppy Training: 8-week puppy challenge using positive reinforcement)

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You’re about to discover that, Puppy training can be quite a challenging task, are you up for the 8-week challenge? I bet no task is too big for you, right? All you need to do is follow the 8-week training program that I Charles Carter have used on not only my pups in the past but on several other client’s puppies. The key to any training program as you may already know with other forms of training for yourself is consistency! If you are consistent you will achieve the best results. By using positive reinforcement training you will find that your puppy is a lot more responsive to you not only because you are using the treat reward system but because it is getting the love and attention a puppy requires. It is scientifically proven that puppies that have received positive reinforcement training are more likely to love and respect you compared to those that are taught using punishment techniques. Studies were performed at ‘The federation of animal welfare’ in testing what type of puppy training was most responsive and effective. Positive reinforcement came out on top with more than 70% of dogs achieving better results. Throughout this book, you will learn multiple techniques in showing you how you can teach your dog to be obedient and love you at the same time. Purchase this book to become the best puppy trainer you can be and gain that extra knowledge that others don’t know.

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ThreePunchMan says:

This guidebook is fantastic and very useful. Puppies are the cutiest creatures, but it can be real challenge having one. If they are trained properly they can reall enrich someone’s life.This is a book about training your puppy the right way, so your and your puppy’s life can be enjoyable ana happier.With great happiness of having a puupy, comes big responsibility.Training shouldn’t be based on punishment or cruelty. It is more enjoyable to train your dog to obey and be happy with it. There are plenty of benefits using…

Anonymous says:

Training and adapting a dog to one’s rule can be very tasking and frustrating if rightful knowledge is not acquired from an experience coach. This is why I found this book of great relevance. The author’s 8-week training program is very comprehensive and highly instructional. He advised that we must give our dogs the attention and love they require using positive reinforcement rather than punishment techniques. This book is excellent in training our dogs to love us back and obey our…

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