Princess Sofia Soft Potty Seat with Toilet Tank Potty Hook

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Princess Sofia Soft Potty Seat with Toilet Tank Potty Hook

Our Soft Potty Seat was created with nearly all types of toilets in mind. It fits over all regular and elongated toilet seats at home or in a public setting. With our potty seat, you can create magical moments from the start of potty training and never have to worry about being caught unprepared with an impatient child and an uncomfortable, misfitting seat again. A no hassle fix for your child’s restroom struggles, this seat features easy-grip handles to help build confidence and has non-slip support on the bottom. To use, simply place on top of a toilet seat and pack up when you’re done. To clean, simply remove the soft cushion and wash with mild soap and water and air dry. As a special bonus, the Soft Potty Seat includes a Potty Hook. This hook allows the seat to be stored conveniently on the side of the toilet when not in use. Not only can your little one enjoy feeling confident on the commode, they can hang up the toilet seat when they’re done! The only thing more kid-friendly than the bright colors of this potty seat is the inclusion of your child’s favorite and most trusted characters. Feel safe and comfortable knowing they’re close by, and make bathroom time fun!

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