Potty Training 2 in 1 Chair for Toddlers – Blue

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Potty Training 2 in 1 Chair for Toddlers – Blue

Toilet training is such an important part of a child’s life. They need to feel at ease, happy and confident.

With our revolutionary potty chair we can help you provide all of this so your child will be contented when learning to go to the toilet on their own.

They can get used to sitting on the chair before they think about it being a potty

With the high back design and stable legs your child will feel safe when sitting on the potty or when it is a chair.

The easy to remove inner potty, with a lid, means that it is safe and hygienic.

Your child can get used to sitting on their chair first to make potty training easier or after they have been trained. You simply remove the potty, change the lid and it becomes a stool or chair, perfect for the bedroom, playroom or any space.

Here at sBUBS we offer High Quality Products, tested by Parents, for Parents.

So What’s next? If you press Add to cart your child’s new potty will be with you soon and you can both start your potty training – Good luck!

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