Potty Spotter (black)

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Potty Spotter (black)

Are you a pet owner? Are you spending time and money on carpet cleaning to eliminate hidden urine stains?Are you training your puppy and having problems with urine spotting? The Potty Spotter by HipPups was designed for people just like you. The Potty Spotter is a 12 LED UV Blacklight Flashlight that allows you to effortlessly locate invisible pet stains. It’s revolutionary design and rugged construction makes the Potty Spotter the perfect tool for any pet owner. Save time and money cleaning, make puppy training easier, and save your self the headache of finding unwanted pet urine with the Potty Spotter!

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tracy robinson says:

I was disappointed to only find one small smear As soon as it got dark, I ripped open my potty spotter and ran to the bathroom expecting a wondrous disco to appear before my eyes. With 2 boys, a husband, and a litter box in there surely it was a Mecca for all the nastiness in the world. I was disappointed to only find one small smear. I cleaned that up and thought surely it was defective, so I proceeded through my house. I was convinced it did not work when I came to our old storage room in the basement. My princess of a dog doesn’t think…

stephanie m. riley says:

Really Works! I was looking forward to getting this because I’ve seen dealing with behavioral issues in a cat for sometime now. Unfortunately, my cat had urinated on a brand new carpet the same day I received it. My reason for getting this was to help identify accidents around the house but used this opportunity of new soiling to test the product. The only reason I knew of this spot was because white sock happened to take the brunt of the mess, otherwise I would have been crawling around on my hands and…

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