PetZoom Pet Park Deluxe 3-Piece Dog Relief System

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PetZoom Pet Park Deluxe 3-Piece Dog Relief System

Keep you pet comfortable and your floors and carpets clean! The PetZoom™ Pet Park Deluxe is the unique solution for pet accident-free living. Perfect for times when ou are late coming home to let the dog out , or unable to let your pet outside due to bad weather. It is ideal as a training tool for your puppy, it’s also great in assisting an older dog that might be unable to go to the bathroom outside. PetZoom Pet Park Deluxe is made of a synthetic grass material that looks and feels real. It is weather proof, so you can leave it outside on the patio or balcony. PetZoom Pet Park Deluxe is non-toxic and is safe to use around your pet. Easy to clean just wash in warm sopy water. How it Works: The Grass Mat is placed on the Grid Tray, which holds the Removable Waste Tray. When your dog goes to the bathroom, the urine goes through the Grass Mat and through the holes in the Grid Tray to the bottom of the Removable Waste Tray. The pegs on the surface of the grid Tray elevate the Grass Mat, keeping it away from the urine.

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Mad Max says:

This unit has the removable tray – Very nice, but is it worth the price difference? (read on for comparisons, prices, & links) ======================THE NEW DELUXE VERSION:======================What makes this “deluxe” version stand out is the removable tray.The PetZoom is the only model where the pee drains into a removable tray (see pic), which is MUCH easier to empty. In all the other models (including the cheaper PetZoom models), you have to carry the WHOLE unit (a big 2-foot tray of pee) to the bathroom to empty it, and cross your fingers you don’t spill any. Simply put, it’s a…

Sharon Beverly says:

Oh, What a Relief It Is! What a wonderful concept; a designated place for dogs to relieve themselves when going outside isn’t practical. It’s much like the idea of a kitty litter box but, without the mess of the litter. The unit’s three pieces appear to be well-made. The faux grass is one piece that fits right into a removable plastic tray. In this instance, your pet’s urine goes through the `grass’ and the plastic it sits in. Both pieces are held in the tray (the third piece) below. Your pet stands on an almost…

Alex S "Find a Cure" says:

Nice idea with problems We have chihuahuas who hate the rain, and even more, despise the snow. I have used “potty pads” for them, but there is something “uncool” about having something that looks like an open diaper sitting on my floor when company comes.This little park looks much nicer, although it is much more chihuahua size than German Shepherd size. And, unless you put a little fire hydrant on it, I’m not sure if you could convince a male dog to use it correctly, I can see them spraying the wall…

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