PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Dog Potty, Alternative to Pee Pads, Large

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PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Dog Potty, Alternative to Pee Pads, Large

The Pet Loo is your backyard in a box. This portable indoor/outdoor toilet works for dogs, cats, and small pets. Ideal for apartments, potty training, and occasions when you can’t let your pet out, the Pet Loo is a convenient alternative to pee pads and midnight bathroom breaks. The top layer of synthetic grass allows urine to drain through into the base. The reinforced base is slightly angled so urine trickles down into the waste container. The waste container catches the urine and is removable for easy cleanup.

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Chibi chibi chibi says:

READ THIS!!!!!! I have been using this for 3 years and have some suggestions. The design of the Pet Loo is awesome. I like how it is elevated and my dogs have to step up onto it to pee, thereby eliminating any half on/half off pees that pool onto the floor and spread completely under a pee pad. I like how it drains and I LOVE the WEE SPONGE that comes with the Pee Pods. It completely absorbs the pee to form literally a spongy mass. It has no odor of pee whatsoever! However if you open the pee pod it smells…

Capo says:

Long term owner – Read for useful tips! I’ve owned this potty for about 3 years now, purchased it direct from the manufacturer for twice this price. I know all the ups and downs by this point and would like to share them with you.History:Originally we used potty pads in a litter box. They were very expensive. Our male dog would miss half the time and the pee would get underneath the pad (gross). Overall a disaster.So we bought a PupHead indoor potty. Well the grass that came with it stunk to…

Amazon Customer says:

The Pet Loo is a life saver!! I am so grateful for this product and the helpful reviews posted by others. To pay it forward, I describe my experience in detail below starting with a few quick tips: 1. Place potty pads under the grass to help reduce the amount of urine that pools in the disposable container. Change pads daily. 2. Line the disposable container with plastic wrap or ziplocks. Its much easier to clean! 3. Amazon couldn’t ship the absorbing powder (pee pod wee sponge) to Alaska so another review suggested using…

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