Perfect Toilet Training Seat for Little Toddlers

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Perfect Toilet Training Seat for Little Toddlers


Potty Training is not an easy discipline and can be really demanding – but not necessarilly! In a moment you catch Little Toddler’s attention and he or she wants to be a part of the “game”, the job is done. This is where our product shines!

Zababoo Potty Training Seat is efficient not just in potty training, but really Cost Effective comparing to monthly diaper, nappies and pull ups Budget. Cleaning, storing and overall handling is a Piece of Cake.

Why this works and why do Little Toddlers feel secure and want to use this unique Potty Seat?


– We have asked Children and their Opinions were applied. Kids have Fun while using this Potty Seat, they do not feel being forced into some “Unwanted” Activity.

– Children feel Comfortable and Safe – this potty seat has extra high back and sides so little Toddlers feel like an Egg in the Nest.

Made from Hi Quality Eco-Friendly “Food Safety” Materials.


Product Features


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