OUT! Training Post Outdoor Potty Training Aid

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OUT! Training Post Outdoor Potty Training Aid

The Out! Training Post is an outdoor potty training aid that attracts your pet to a specific elimination site in the yard. This training post simplifies the potty training process and keeps your pet from taking his business to your precious flowerbeds. OUT! practical and easy to use products, for clean smelling, trained happy pets and spotless homes!.

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Cannin314 says:

Dogs had zero interest in peeing on it, they just wanted to play with it. Despite reading the reviews I decided to give this a “go” because it isn’t that expensive. Well. The reviews were right. It’s worthless. In the product’s defense maybe it works for puppies. But it doesn’t do anything for adult dogs.When the product arrived my dog was obsessively sniffing the box. I took this as a good sign. When I opened the product it smelled awful. Like old pee. I took this as another good sign. I went outside with the dogs and plopped it in the…

Daisy0213 says:

Did Not Work

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