Once Upon a Potty for Him DVD

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Once Upon a Potty for Him DVD

This best-selling, animated DVD has been making toilet training a little easier, and a lot more fun, for both children and parents for years. This version tells the story of a little boy’s potty-training success. Toddlers will enjoy watching Joshua graduate from diapers to potty. They will want to emulate this cheery cartoon kid as he grows to understand what his potty is and how to use it. Best of all, they’ll love singing The Potty Song right along with him and celebrating when they have their own potty triumph! This trusted DVD includes discussion and professional advice on toilet training for parents and caregivers. Once Upon a Potty is also available in a For Her edition, starring a little girl named Prudence.

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David H. says:

For really young trainees 12-18 months This potty training video is for very young trainees. I bought this for my 26 month old son and he was way beyond this. I was excited about this DVD because it was just for boys, but disappointed because it was all babies like 12-18months old. It was also a let down because it looked like the babies/toddlers were all still wearing diapers. I have “potty power” and the DVD was a real winner with all my kids so far. I also bought Huggies pull-ups potty training dvd. It was another…

Anonymous says:

I bought this cuz I’m having trouble figuring out how to get my 2 yr old son to potty. I bought a cars potty that makes sounds & tried everything. No results. Read this book one day then again on day 2 and sat him on his potty and went over book again then played the video. Video is only about 10 mins long, we played 2 times. At the end of 2nd viewing, my son peed in his potty!! I told him I’m telling Joshua what a big boy he is & maybe Joshua will visit (I’ve ordered the doll & matching potty…

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