Luliey Waterproof Car Seat Protector – 2 Count

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Luliey Waterproof Car Seat Protector – 2 Count


Using a carseat when you’re traveling keeps your little one safe when you’re on the go, but having your baby constantly sitting in the same place in the backseat can be hard on your upholstery!

All of those spills from the sippy cup and bottle, spit-up accidents, muddy footprints and other baby-related messes can add up to badly stained seats that can detract from your vehicle’s appearance and its value.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can keep the upholstery safe without diminishing the safety of your carseat!

The Luliey Top Quality Car Seat Protector is the answer

•It is an heavy-duty car seat mat

•Very easy to install

•Fits on any car or SUV.

• + A mesh pocket down in front of the seat for storing toys, pacifiers, diapering supplies, snacks and more!

Made of the finest materials.

• Stylish black PVC leather outer

• Easy to wipe down with a damp cloth when dirty.

• Inside, foam padding provides cushioning.

•An anti-slip backing that keeps the car seat mat in place, for your child safety

The thick car seat cover serves as a barrier between your baby and the upholstery, capturing messes and keeping the leather or fabric beneath dry. The cover fits behind, beneath and below the carseat to provide protection from every angle!

Spare yourself the hassles of having to clean up messes after your car trips and keep your car’s upholstery looking great mile after mile.


Order the Luliey Top Quality Car Seat Protector today.

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Zlatan says:

Not big enough for SUV I was hoping that this seat protector would do it for my 2nd row in Toyota Sequoia but unfortunately it turns out that is too short. Bottom part doesn’t cover full seat, nor does back protector. If I try to pull back protector higher then the bottom part (and storage compartment) completely moves up which defeats the purpose of it. Also, I expected more padding considering the fact that I put car seat on this (which is in my opinion basic purpose of it) but it just didn’t deliver. I will use…

Jabby says:

We had high hopes but…nope! We were very excited to use this product because of the good reviews, but alas it was not meant to be! We took it out of the box and put it on our back seat to see how it would fit….well…it is very small. It seems as if it would be smaller then most modern size car seats so what is the point of having it if it is smaller then the car seat?! How can it protect the seat underneath?! Also the elastic that holds it up was very poor quality. My husband was putting it on and it stretched so far…

G. W. says:

Absolutely Terrible!!

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