Joy Baby Generation 2 Boy Urinal Potty Toilet Training with FREE Potty Training Game (Navy Blue Whale)

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Joy Baby Generation 2 Boy Urinal Potty Toilet Training with FREE Potty Training Game (Navy Blue Whale)

Product Details:
We have discontinued our old Froggy urinal and replaced it with our Generation 2 Whale Urinal. Our concern was on user’s safety and risk of fall/injury due to Froggy’s frequent leakage problem below the wheel and spillage issues. Wallie the whale is now made 40% larger with an increased capacity of 4.2 cups and an improved water spinner that is 100% leak proof. Its smooth curvature bowl is also designed to better contain urine splash. Unlike Froggy that relies solely on its suction-type wall mount; causing spillage whenever its suctions fail, Wallie the Whale offers 3 different secured mounting options each to serve varying wall-types and needs. Additional base supports also allow users to stand Wallie on the floor where preferred.

Potty training should be fun. Our kids learn best through play. So we have also included a FREE fun training potty chart with stickers (Value: $5.99) to encourage your kid in his training. Our enjoyable story of Wallie looking for Mommy is sure to fire their imagination and create periods of fun learning. With these enhanced features, potty training is now both fun and safe for your kids.

From the Manufacturer:

The Joy Baby® boy training urinal is designed to encourage and motivate our little man towards getting potty trained. The fun spinning water wheel entertains and keeps your child focused during training. It also comes with a free game where your boy is rewarded with a sticker every time he uses the urinal. The removable urinal is lightweight, portable and easy to clean. Include powerful suction cups, adhesive wall hooks and a screw-type mounting plate (screws not included) to allow you to adjust the height of the urinal and attached it to any bathroom walls. It is made of high quality PP and PVC material. It is environmental friendly, non-toxic and odorless.

Dimension of Generation 2 Whale Urinal: 14.5 x 8.5 x 9″
Dimension of Discontinued Froggy Urinal: 10.5 x 5 x 7″

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Beth says:

Update: Great Customer Service. Defective Urinal Replaced, FREE My son aims and hits the spin target, but it doesn’t spin for him, which becomes very upsetting. I wouldn’t recommend.UPDATE: I was contacted by a conscientious customer service representative, who told me the spinning target was supposed to spin easily. She was concerned that I may have received a defective urinal.She arranged for a new one to be sent, and I must say, the target does spin, and with much more ease. Also, I found that these fit perfectly on top of the…

Amazon Customer says:

Great for my autistic son

Jessica Gambrel says:

Amazing quality for the price Amazing quality for the price. You do kind of have to “baby” it, as it frays quite easily and bits of yarn come loose here and there if you aren’t too careful, but I would still recommend and buy again. It’s soooo cheap! And it looks very cute. Particularly love the colors on this one. Definitely order in advance as it takes a while to get to you. My son is a toddler and this fits him well. It would definitely be too big for a newborn, unless for a photo shoot where it’s more so just…

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