INcontinence Bed Pads for Mattress

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INcontinence Bed Pads for Mattress

10 Pack
Triple layer, premium quality incontinence underpads for beds with waterproof liner
60cm x 90cm (23.6″ x 35.4″)
Soft, irritation free upper
Ultra absorbent polymer tissue core is capable of soaking up 6 cups of liquid

SAVE YOUR SHEETS AND MATTRESS – These high quality disposable bed pads create a waterproof barrier between any liquid and your sheets or mattress. Extremely absorbent and comes in a handy pack of 10.

IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN – Sleep easy on the Continuon Incontinence Bed Pad. Premium 3-layer cloud-like fabric feels decadent against your skin while leakproof material ensures nothing gets past this sheet protector.

NON-SLIP BACKING IS IDEAL FOR RESTLESS SLEEPERS – No matter how much you toss and turn during the night, the Continuon underpad stays put. Polyester backed vinyl (not plastic) won’t crinkle loudly the way disposable pads do so you can rest in comfortable silence.

ABSORBENT INNER CORE LOCKS IN MOISTURE – The Continuon bed pad draws moisture away from your skin and keeps it away so you remain comfortable throughout the night while your sheets and mattress stay dry.

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