How to Speak Moo!

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How to Speak Moo!

If the title sounds a little peculiar, that’s just the start! Here’s a totally silly book about cows that is sure to make kids giggle. It tells boys and girls all about the way cows do the high moo and the low moo . . . the bumpy moo and the jumpy moo. Kids are invited to try these moos out for themselves. Then they can discover how their moo sounds in a tunnel. Or through a funnel. Deborah Fajerman’s wonderfully quirky pictures and absolutely preposterous story will have young readers mooing along with the experts as they demonstrate the wonderful versatility of cows engaged in spirited conversation.

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I’m a music teacher. This is a cute book and will be helpful in introducing different music elements for Kindergarten. However, the kids are inclined to be kind of obnoxious with it. If you’re getting it for your classroom, just be aware of that and have a plan to allow them to make the sounds and be silly in a controlled way! (I taught them the “cut-off” signal and they could make the sound until I “cut off.” They got lots of praise for doing it and it worked out really…

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