How to Potty Train Your One-Year-Old

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How to Potty Train Your One-Year-Old

As a mother and now grandmother of four grandchildren, I wrote this book to encourage parents to be comfortable potty training a one-year-old. • Parents will learn how to use positive words of praise. • Parents will learn how to teach new vocabulary words to the child for better understanding. • Parents will learn how to get one-year-olds involved and enjoying the process. • Parents will learn how to teach the child confidence in their new ability. • Parents will learn to understand the signs of when it is “potty time” and help the child transition from diapers to potty chair. • And much more… “I believe that if you want something you’ve never had, you must do something you’ve never done. So take this opportunity and use this book to potty train your one-year old.” Thank You! Janie Owens


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and help with comfortable preparing me to conquer this moment to potty train … Ms. Owens has chosen to share what she asserts is a proven technique to potty train your toddler (although the title suggests one-year olds, it is inclusive of other age groups.) This is an easy to read guide that outlines an approximate 30-day plan to get your little one to recognize the need to “go,” proactively and independently use the “chair,” and completely eliminate the use of diapers.My middle-of-the-road, 3-star, rating stems from not having children (or access to any) to…

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