How To Be a Poop Detective

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How To Be a Poop Detective

POOP… Everybody Does It! Grandpas, grandmas, moms and dads, big sisters and baby brothers, they all toot and poop.
It sounds silly and will make you giggle. Your poop comes from what you eat and so do your toots!
In How to Be a POOP Detective, you will learn five clues for healthy and “good” poop … and when you do, your tummy will be happy.
“Dr. Bubbles” delivers a funny and serious message for kids from the ages of 4 to 8 with the
5  S’s  –Shape, Soft, Sink, Shade and Shoot- what healthy young bodies do.


Mama Africa says:

Forward-thinking, funny and critical book about poop! Poop has always been a very important topic in our family and finally I have a book to share with my family, my friends and their children explaining why it’s so important. For years I’ve followed the idea that our gut is our second brain and can teach us critical information about our health. Dr. Struble’s new book is forward-thinking, creative, and funny. She provides a platform for what needs to be a household, daily conversation with our children and hey, maybe your spouse.Dr…

IndieRhythm says:

Kids will LOVE this… I want every kid to read this! And their parents! And their teachers and doctors and…. Kids will love this! Parents will love this! I was fortunate to see an early version of this book and feel compelled to spread the word. This is the perfect gift for young children and their parents. Everyone I’ve told about this book says “KIDS LOVE POOP… it’s all they talk about… they giggle about it… they think it’s hilarious!” I’m passionate about good nutrition and health and I think anything that helps educate kids from an early age…

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