HCSTAR Potty Bells Housetraining Dog Doorbells Dogs Puppies Louder Sound Adjustable Tough Nylon Training Doorbells

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HCSTAR Potty Bells Housetraining Dog  Doorbells Dogs Puppies  Louder Sound  Adjustable Tough Nylon Training Doorbells

Product Features 

Bell’s dismensions: 2.5cm *2.5cm

Rope’s dismensions: 2cm *80cm or 2cm*77cm

Item’s whole length: 97cm Item net Weight: 80g per item

Our house-training door bells were created to give dog owners 99% success rate in training their dogs. Follow the 3 simple step by step instruction included with our product to train your dog successfully.

HCSTAR Original Potty Bells have a charming design that will enhance your entryway. Other dog door bells look cheap and often tacky; however, we took great care to give Potty Bells’ alloy ornament, reinforced nylon stitching and nickel plated bells a touch of welcoming character. Made in China.

With Potty Bells, no more barking when it’s time to go potty! Instead, be alerted that your dog needs to go outside by the gentle jingle of Potty Bells. Simply hang the Potty Bells on the door your dog uses to go out and train your dog to tap the bell to communicate that they need to go outside.

Our bells are made of heavy duty nylon starp which come with a snap feature to allow hanging the bell on any type of door knob. Using the snap feature you can hang the bell on a shower handle, pull handle or a regular style knob.

Your purchase includes: Dog Doorbell Long using Lifetime Guarantee Instructions to Train Your Dog Primal Pet Gear Potty Training Doggy Door Bells sell like crazy, and the bells looks like amazing and convenient, Scroll Up & Click Add To Cart Now before we run out of stock! 

Product Features


Alex S. says:

Good quality product, but no instructions I purchased this item for my boyfriend and this was his review:My parents just got a puppy and I thought this would be the perfect means of potty training him. And, although the product is made from quality nylon, nickel bells (which I could hear jingling outside my door as the mailman placed them in my mailbox) and it very easy to set up. As easy as it was to get him to ring the bells when he had to go, I did not receive the “easy three step instructions” that were supposed…

Anonymous says:

These bells have a nice jingle to them and the strap is easily adjustable to the height of your door/dog by using the two snaps at the top of the nylon strap. Each bell is about the size of a quarter and when my dog touches them the sound can be heard throughout my home. It did not take long to train my dog to touch the strap to make the bells ring and then associate that movement with going outside. The problem now is that if she wants my…

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