Goolsky Baby Music Toilet Trainer Potty Seat

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Goolsky Baby Music Toilet Trainer Potty Seat

Easy to lift out the bowl to empty and clean. Because the bowl with the pee in it is under the seat (not all one piece like many of the pottys out there) the bowl doesn’t move and the pee stays in the potty and doesn’t spill onto the floor. 
This potty chair converts to a handy stepstool when your child needs to wash up after going to the bathroom. Perfect for helping your toddler reach the sink.
The lid uses ergonomic design, streamline appearance, baby will feel comfortable when using it.
The potty uses high quality eco-friendly material, non-toxic and odorless.
The potty has super bearing capacity, it can bear the weight of an adult when standing on it.

Name: Child Stepstool Potty
Material: ABS
Gerder: Unisex
Age: Older than 18 month
Battery: 3 AA battery(not included)
Package Size: 35 * 20 * 25 cm / 13.8 * 9.8 * 7.9 in
Package Weight: 1840 g / 4.1 lb

Package List:
1 * Baby Toilet
1 * Toilet Brush

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