FitPetX Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover for Cars and SUV -Nonslip, Quilted, Extra Side Flaps, Machine Washable Pet Hammock Car Seat Cover

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FitPetX Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover for Cars and SUV -Nonslip, Quilted, Extra Side Flaps, Machine Washable Pet Hammock Car Seat Cover

What is FitPetX?? Your number one solution for pet transportation, outdoor training and pet fun filled activities. All related products and accessories are backed with our 100% LifeTime Warranty. Everything we do is to provide a more enjoyable, worry-free experience with your pets.

The Deluxe Waterproof Pet Seat Cover is one of our star items of the outdoor series, claiming the hearts of pet lovers and pets alike. We are very proud to introduce this one of a kind seat cover:
– It is made to protect your car seat from water, dirt, claws, and wet fur.
– It is made from extremely durable 600D high density OXFORD material. With padded material, your car will look classy while your pet stays comfortable and happy.
– The nonslip rubber backing and anchors ensure that the cover will not move around when your dog jumps in and moves in the car.
– The cover can be fastened by seat belt through holes with Velcro closures.
– Acts as extra protection from sudden stop and turns, protecting your pet while also protecting your interior
The Seat Cover is 54″ width X 58″ length, the adjustable straps make the Pet Seat Cover work for all cars, small trucks and SUVs!
*Please measure the back seat size of your vehicle before order, to avoid unnecessary complaints or returns.

If you want to travel in style with your pets while also protecting your interior, Click “ADD TO CART” and get one TODAY!

PatPets brand is now officially changed to FitPetX since May 2016. To those who intend to buy or have bought from us, we are sorry for any confusion this may have caused. We are still the great team you came to know and love!
Also, please be sure that you buy FitPetX products from ZahirSals shop. Other carriers cannot guarantee you anything on quality or delivery! Thank you for your trust in us!

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Neem says:

Absolutely Wonderful! AWESOME!!! I have a mini van where the seats come out completely (instead of the fold down feature) This leaves the seat hole open in the bed. My 3 large dogs love car rides, but hate the back seat because they get their toes stuck in these holes. This liner covers the entire bed of my mini van. It’s nice and padded so it’s comfortable for them.Th other way I can use it, is to attach it to the back seat and the front seat. This keeps my dogs from rolling off the back an onto…

SInohey says:

You need this, if you have a car and a dog. The Patpets Waterproof Pet Seat Cover is as depicted in the photos. The dimensions and materials are well described in the sales promo. But how well does it perform?I have a 130+ lbs dog (St. Bernard/Mastiff mix) that likes to travel with me in my SUV but, unfortunately she sheds a lot. After each outing, I have to vacuum the back interior of the car.What better test than try the Patpets seat cover than in this scenario? I easily set up the sheet as a seat cover and travelled…

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