Fitmox 15 ft / 11 Rung Agility Ladder – Plus Bonuses: Best Exercise Programs and Carry Bag – Comes with 4 Durable Metal Pegs

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Fitmox 15 ft / 11 Rung Agility Ladder – Plus Bonuses: Best Exercise Programs and Carry Bag – Comes with 4 Durable Metal Pegs

Football Agility Ladder comes in set with its own carry bag, 4 pegs and instructions including 3 general exercises!

FITMOX – It’s time to upgrade yourself!

– Are you tired of wasting time on returning the original position of rungs before you start your training?
– – Fed up untangling the ladder each time before training?
– Do you want to be faster and more agile? Then this Football Agility Ladder is your choice, the choice of the future winner!

Customer care, impeccable quality and high professionalism – this is FITMOX

We have developed our Agility Ladder specially for you considering all your wishes.

How will this Football Agility Ladder help you?

– Enhance your endurance, lateral quickness, agility and harmony!
– Exercises on this ladder will get closer to the tops of the pedestals!
– – Just pop open the carry bag and start speed training immediately! The durable inch straps keep the ladder tangle-free, making it your top agility equipment. All rungs are securely fixed, so they are always in place during your ladder exercises.
– – Attaching your ladder in one place completely straightly is easier than ever!
– – Train your legs muscles like never before! Regular ladder exercises will make you healthy, strong and hardy in no time!
– Your investment in your agility pays off! After all, our Football Agility Ladder is made of highest quality materials and will be cherished for years to come!

Amazon Customers trust us; what about you?!

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3. And we will give you a 90 days Guarantee! If for any reason you will be not satisfied, we will refund your money and send you a new Speed Ladder absolutely free!

Limited Time Offer! Sale until November 30th!

Order now! Risk Free!

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Angela Yamamoto says:

Great basic ladder I have a son 11 y.o. who’s playing football for two years. Not so far ago I’ve met the Agility Ladder on Amazon and I decided that it can help my son to reach a plank in sport. As a result after two days we got the ladder.I’m happy of its quality and I’m very surprised that my expectations were confirmed. Everything is like on the pictures. The box looks pretty good so I packed it well and make as a present.The materials used look gorgeous and the bundle got me with its…

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