Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms, Elongated

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Essential Medical Supply Elevated Toilet Seat with Arms, Elongated

The elevated toilet seat with arms gives the user the elevation of a standard toilet seat but still allows them to use their own seat. Padded, removable arms make it more secure when getting on or off the commode. Available in standard and elongated sizes and include all hardware.

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Swimmer says:

Good product but poor hardware included with the product. Read the review before trying to install. In response to other reviewers who left negative comments about the stability issues. I have solved the issue and it’s a small wonder why the manufacturer hasn’t done this. Yes, as ordered the elevated toilet seat is unstable. You simply cannot put plastic washers up against a porcelain toilet seat. Second there is no toilet seat sold that accommodates the large bolts included with this elevated seat. You have to drill out the holes on your existing seat. This is just plain lack of…

Richard B. says:

Outstanding seat…very stable and easy to install Going to install when it arrives and I think it will work well. After reading reviews, I’m concerned about stability and also being able to clean this seat: . It seems like it would have to be removed completely in order to clean it and the toliet. Will use giant wire ties to secure the seat and then be able to remove and reinstall quickly. It might even be more stable than…

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