DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty – REAL Grass – SMALL 24×16

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DoggieLawn Disposable Dog Potty – REAL Grass – SMALL 24×16

a REAL GRASS potty box for your furry friend! It’s entirely disposable so there’s no mess, no odor and no cleaning except for the removal of pet solids. An eco-friendly and user friendly alternative to plastic potty pads!

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Babs P says:

Good buy – easy to set up, fresh smelling. So I tried the other brand that was on a popular TV show and there’s really no difference between this one which is cheaper and the shark tank one. The shark tank one might have taller grass.. can’t remember. But that can make it hard to clean up the stool.Arrives fresh – the only problem I have is the delivery person constantly stands the box up along my patio rail… when it clearly says “lay flat” – you might want to check on that. All in all… good buy. We use this for…

Maureen B. says:

My dog wouldn’t use it. DoggieLawn takes about 5 business days to arrive at my door.We got it to go in our puppies’ playpen area – they were 7.5 weeks old and had never even seen grass before, but I dabbed a bit of the first “accident” urine onto the perimeter of the grass, and we stood them onto it when they looked like they were about to pee a couple of times. They went both types on it the first night! Still a perfect record after 2 weeks – ordering another now. Great product – a packaging and…

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