Dog Training: All In One Startup Guide

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Dog Training: All In One Startup Guide

Amazon Best-Seller: Dog Training Basics – All In One Startup Guide

Discover how to properly train your dog, which training method works best for you and your canine and how to get the best out of your relationship with your new furry friend.

In Dog Training Basics – All In One Startup Guide you will understand what dog training really is all about and how dogs actually learn. You will be able to discover which training method (e.g. Motivational, Electronic, Clicker etc) will best suit you and your dog. You will also learn about the most important basic dog training concepts that every dog owner should know such as Reward or Ignore. Standard commands that all dogs without exception should understand and follow and some house manners and essentials that will improve your life if you intend to keep your furry friend inside your home.

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Cricket Sosa says:

Great Info I got the Kindle version of this book and at the perfect time as two furbabies aka dogs came into my life at once! One a puppy untrained of course and the other, a full grown 1 year old who’s never even been taught to sit! I have my work cut out for me and although I’ve thought of myself as a pretty good dog trainer with my past pups but I thought why not give this book a try.I think it’s nice, short and to the point, lots of helpful tips minus any unneeded filler text. Despite…

Anonymous says:

My boss’s dog is well trained and I am always impressed by her level of understanding of her instructions.I thought that it is very complicated to train a dog. This booked and educated me to realize that training a dog takes alot of patience and you have to be consistent with training.This books was very detailed with its instructions now I think I have the patience and the knowledge to have my own dog and make the attempt to train (to do simple things) it myself. My major concern…

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