Conversation Starter Cards for 9-12 Yr Old Kids

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Conversation Starter Cards for 9-12 Yr Old Kids

Have you ever wished you could get teens to talk more about themselves but didn’t how know how to initiate the conversation? When kids feel secure enough to communicate openly with a parent, a teacher or other adult figure, they naturally feel recharged, confident and inspired. Unless opportunities for children to communicate their thoughts and ideas to adults present themselves in ways that are both encouraging and enjoyable, teens miss the chance to express good and bad feelings that need addressed by adults who care about them.

CareMailTM Makes It Easy for Teens to Express Their Innermost Thoughts

Keep the conversation flowing endlessly between you and your teen with CareMailTM, an innovative communication technique developed for use by parents, teachers, therapists and anyone else who interacts with kids frequently. CareMailTM is a wonderful method of promoting adult-child communication that is simple, effective and a lot of fun for all involved.

At the center of the CareMailTM product line is a miniature mailbox complete with a flag that is placed upright when a message is in the mailbox (sold separately). Question Cards have questions like “what’s the best thing that has ever happened to you?” while Combination Cards offer motivational messages and compelling questions that challenge the child to explore their inner feelings. Both types of CareMailTM Cards are designed to help children develop their communication skills as well as their self confidence and self-esteem.

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Anonymous says:

I actually purchased these cards at a Christian conference for my niece. We spent a great deal of quality time together and developed a stronger relationship. I learned some new things about her, and as the conversation went on, she felt much more comfortable opening up. These questions were so well thought out and really created great conversation. Allowing children to feel worthy of your time is so critical for confidence. I would recommend these cards to any parent, grandparent, aunt,…

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