Changing Pad Liners – 3 Pack 100% Organic Un-Dyed Cotton – 28 Inch x 20 Inch – Waterproof Lining – Free Gift Bag

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Changing Pad Liners – 3 Pack 100% Organic Un-Dyed Cotton – 28 Inch x 20 Inch – Waterproof Lining – Free Gift Bag

Changing Pad Liners – 3 Pack with Gift Bag by Luvdbaby

Our changing pad liners are a must-have for all new parents. Made from 100% organic cotton that is not dyed. Cotton grows naturally in a small number of colours which allows us to do fun stripes.

Our ‘Cotton Range’ was conceived to protect your child with no harmful chemicals often used to dye baby fabric products. As a small family business, we didn’t want to sell a child’s product that we wouldn’t be happy to put near our own children’s skin.

Our changing pad liners are made extra big to give you more space to change your little one in comfort. They measure 28″ x 20″.

The silky soft organic cotton gently protects your baby’s soft skin while the TPU backing is completely waterproof to keep spills from seeping through.

The 3 pack of liners are completely washable and can be stored in the reusable gift bag when not in use.

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Anonymous says:

I absolutely love the Ludvbaby changing pad liners. I use them in my newborn’s bassinet as a waterproof liner on top of his sheet. It makes it much easier to change the liner when there are accidents rather than changing the bassinet sheets. After using very rough liners in my older son’s bassinet, I searched for a softer, effective liner this time around. I could only find bamboo type liners, and I thought why do I want my baby to sleep on a towel material. The Luvdbaby changing pad liner…

Anonymous says:

They work very well for repelling liquid. Our little man has peed on them a few times and these allow us some time to take care of him and still wipe the liquid up without it absorbing into the liner. As others have stated, they don’t stay out very well. We have the keekaroo changing pad, which we love and we don’t need liners for it, but we don’t want our little man to be meet the cold when we set him down each time. I do like the length and width of these as they almost cover the entire…

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