BonBon Baby Potty Training Chair (Pink)

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BonBon Baby Potty Training Chair (Pink)

Features 1)Built with a strong base and sturdy legs that feature grip pads, our egg potty supports your child’s weight and eliminates sliding for better balance and safety. And thanks to its freestanding design, no mounting or installation is required. 2)The contoured bowl and solid back assist your youngsters’ training by preventing mess-causing tipping and dangerous falls. Both boys and girls thus learn to sit up straight and avoid leaning when going, a key lesson in effective potty training. 3)A special deflection shield improves hygiene and protects your little one’s clothing. To encourage your tyke’s bathroom etiquette and deter spills when you move the unit for cleanup, the potty is fitted with a matching seat cover. 4)Continue your tyke’s training on the road: The urinal’s lightweight design (2.1 pounds) and handle cutout in back enable you to take the training wherever your child goes, and discreet dimensions (11″ x 13.4″ x 11.4″) are ideal for travel

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