Bedwetting Alarm, Comizon Nocturnal Enuresis Treatment Nighttime Potty Training Alarm for Teenagers and Adult 1 Pack

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Bedwetting Alarm, Comizon Nocturnal Enuresis Treatment Nighttime Potty Training Alarm for Teenagers and Adult 1 Pack

Cured and confident. Help your child/old baby rediscover the joy.

Brain and Physiology: How do bedwetting alarms work?

Bedwetting alarms work on the principle of Conditioned Learning. This principle was discovered by Pavlov, a Russian psychologist in the early 1900s. He found that if a powerful stimulus is associated with a neutral one then after a time the neutral one acquires the same strength as the powerful one.

In his work with dogs Pavlov found that putting food in a dog’s mouth was a powerful stimulus triggering the production of saliva. He then experimented with ringing a bell each time he gave the dog some food and after a time he found that simply ringing a bell would result in the dog producing saliva. People are also affected by this kind of learning. Whenever a powerful and neutral stimulus occur together, a link is made.

In the case of bed wetters the sensation of a full bladder should trigger awakening but it doesn’t. However, the sound of a loud noise can trigger waking and cause an immediate contraction of the external sphincter muscle which stops the flow of urine from the bladder. The solution is to pair up the feeling of a full bladder with a loud noise so that, in time, the sensation of a full bladder will do the waking just like a loud noise.

How the Alarm Stops Bedwetting.

The alarm sounds at the first sign of moisture, and interrupts the wetting process. The alarm conditions the child to quickly recognize bladder fullness, and awaken before wetness occurs. Complete success usually takes just 4 to 12 weeks.

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Bolivian 86 says:

Works great, works fast. Momma approved! When dealing with a difficult toddler you want to find anything that is going to make life easier. I have purchased this alarm to use for potty training. So far so good, the alarm is loud enough for us both to hear–as sometimes shes sleeping with me or in her own bed. Alarm is very simple to use, as not much set up at all. Of course the first time when messing with it and trying it out she was focused on it alot now it doesn’t bother her or shes not looking for it. Anything…

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