Acko 9″ Sky Blue Folding Step Stool with Anti-Slip Surface for Kids and Adults with Handle, Holds up to 250 LBS

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Acko 9″ Sky Blue Folding Step Stool with Anti-Slip Surface for Kids and Adults with Handle, Holds up to 250 LBS

☑ Fold And Unfold It Using Only One Hand

Single-handedly handle any situation where you need an extra 9 inches of reach. Even if your other hand is full, you can unfold the step stool so it is safe to stand on. The 9 x 11 platform is solid and stable when unfolded – use it with confidence.

☑ Folds Flats, Stores Anywhere

When the step stool is folded flat, it is less than 2 inches wide. That means you can store it anywhere you might need use it without taking up a lot of space: the kitchen, the bathroom, the garage, the kids’ rooms, the RV, and the SUV.

☑ So Lightweight And Easy To Operate, The Kids Can Use It

When you’re short, everything seems out of reach. With the Epica Folding Step Stool, however, your kids will be able to fold, unfold, and carry the stool around to wherever they need it without any struggle or constantly asking for help. Great for developing their independence.

The folding step stool is very simple to use, but if your children are small and use it at first time, You can teach them to put their fingers in a good location to open it. To avoid they wrong operate and pinch their fingers.

☑ Help You Get The Things That In The Height

You can use the Acko folding step stool to reach things on the top shelves of your cupboards, instead of to drag around your heavy wooden chair every time.

You can also use it for the kids to step up to wash their hands or brush teeth. It opens and closes very easily and feels very sturdy, and it’s very lightweight so he can easily move it.

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Ashley H. says:

We love this stool First I would like to say the product did arrive on time. That was definitely a plus. It is made of a strong plastic that you can tell is durable. The packaging says that it can hold up to 150kg I had my son stand on it who is 40lbs and it seemed to support him well.The white dots on the top are grips which I feel is super important with a stool for a child.I almost feel that I could step or sit on it without problem. I like the way that it folds and the handle it is definitely…

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