A&A Wood Step Toilet Stool – Bamboo Toilet Chair – Squatting Bathroom Stool – 7” Luxury Anti-slip Footrest for Adults, Kids & Toddlers

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A&A Wood Step Toilet Stool – Bamboo Toilet Chair – Squatting Bathroom Stool – 7” Luxury Anti-slip Footrest for Adults, Kids & Toddlers

The modern day toilets are convenient, but have one major fault; it requires us to sit. While sitting may be considered “civilized”, doctors have pointed out that squatting is the more natural position that fully relaxes the puborectalis muscle, moves the body’s plumbing into proper alignment, opens the anal sphincter, and allows us to evacuate more freely without straining.

There is empirical evidence that elevating your feet during defecation is healthier than just sitting. So, we came up with this innovative, health-giving bathroom toilet stool which is very effective in positioning your colon for effortless bowel movements.

Introducing ★A&A HAPPY STOOL★

Unlike other contrivances you may have tried to achieve a full squatting position, the squatting stool mimics a more natural squat posture.

This toilet potty chair is made of durable, eco friendly and sustainable bamboo wood, 7 inches tall, a perfect height for the average user as well as for kids. Unlike other wood foot stools made from cheap molded plastic material that breaks and cracks under trivial stress, our toilet stool can easily handle up to several pounds.

What separates our wood step stool from the competition?

✔ Ergonomic, comfortable, sturdy and affordable.

✔ Anti-slip design. Rubber nozzles on each leg ensure that the poop stool will not move when use and they prevent the toilet surface from scratches.

✔ Small grooves on the surface to prevent slipping.

✔ Perfectly polished and super easy to clean.

✔ A fantastic lightweight solution. Simply carry pooping stool where ever you go.

✔ Fits securely underneath any size toilet.

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Product Features

  • ✮THE PERFECT ELEVATION. The modern toilet is great in terms of convenience and sanitation, but its sitting position is quite abnormal to our natural squatting position. So, when you sit on a regular toilet, your sitting posture locks the muscles around your colon and makes it hard to pass stools, putting you in trouble. But luckily we have a smart solution to adjust your poor poop positioning. Meet our premium quality HAPPY STOOL!
  • ✮DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. Our toilet stool is made out of durable, sustainable and reinforced bamboo wood which is strong as steel. Unlike other bathroom stools made from cheap material that breaks and cracks easily, this wood step stool is ultra sturdy and we can assure you that it is made to last for the many years to come.
  • ✮ERGONOMIC AND COMPACT. This toilet chair is 7 inches tall, fits perfectly with any standard toilet and designed in such a way that it is light weight and not bulky at all. It looks cool in your bathroom and represents our commitment to a safer and more environmentally friendly world. Also, this win win poop stool is a wonderful potty aid for your entire family, your kids as well as for people with short legs.
  • ✮ANTI-SLIP LEGS AND GROOVES ON THE TOP. Our pooping stool features rubber nozzles on each leg to prevent sliding on the slick floor of your bathroom and the small grooves on the top surface ensure that your feet will not slide off. In this manner, potty step stool will let you experience a more complete elimination by giving you the right angle of squat.
  • ✮GET THE MOST FASHIONABLE STEP STOOL RISK FREE. We highly concern on quality and invest a lot in order to produce high quality products. So we always stand behind the quality of our footrest stool. But for any reason if you are not happy with this purchase, we will give you a full refund thanks to our NO HASSLE MONEY BACK GURANTEE. So why wait? Choose our squat stool now and enjoy more relaxed and easy elimination.


E. K. Martin says:

Cool bathroom stool! I am amending my review and giving five stars because of the store owner’s excellent customer service! My original order arrived broken and with a wrong part. The store sent me another one to try, and it is excellent. We have been using it for several days now, and everyone loves it. It looks good, and works well. The bamboo is a nice quality, and the stool is simple to put together. The item comes disassembled, with a bunch of screws, and a tool to use – but it was so easy even I could…


I am happy to buy this bamboo stool

PupCleaner says:

excellent product

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